Welcome to Nelton Decor! Firstly thanks for stopping by and taking the time to find out a little about us. Birthday Buzzin is made up of a group of people who love the idea of birthdays and making people feel special on their big day, because they are. We want to help parents create those special memories that a child never forgets.

I’m Eric and I’m the founder of this site, I’m an Internet Entreprenuer who loves the holidays, family and still gets excited whenever he hears The Simpsons theme tune. My inspiration for Nelton Decor is my mom… I know it’s really soppy right? But it’s true, I’m so blessed to have such an awesome mother. When I look back and think about some of my happiest days I am instantly drawn to memories of the birthday parties she created for me. She would make these beautiful meals consisting of all my favorite foods (ice cream, fries, burgers, chicken wings – I probably ate them in that order too lol), decorate the house and make a birthday cake with as many candles as the age I had just turned, for me to blow out. She would plan out activities and things I enjoy and go all out to make me feel like a prince. She did the same for my younger brother and sister too when it was their birthday’s.

While working on a few online projects I noticed that although there were alot of party supplies online for various themes, there still were themes that were pretty popular but had zero supplies available for them and ideas were scarce. I always remembered how my mum would go from store to store gathering the pieces for our parties and how sometimes she would be a little fustrated about the lack of certain items.

So I thought that’s probably how some mom’s feel when their child has requested a party themed around their favorite tv show and there aren’t any supplies or ideas anywhere. What If I could collect cool party ideas, find people to create printables, feature available supplies and create a resource to cover various party themes and offer party planning tips. The aim is to not only cover many themes, but many occasions too so that anyone who was planning a themed party would be able to find all the supplies they needed to put together an awesome party without having to waste time searching? Thus the birth of Nelton Decor the site and team… So please enjoy what we have put together and we hope it will help you create something marvelous for somebody very special.